I am a researcher and ethnographer seeking T/truth within unrealized perspectives, core drivers, and great aspirations that I encounter on my travels - from the daily bus commute to cattle-covered dirt roads. 

I am currently Associate Producer for an upcoming documentary with Oscar-nominated director Jessica Kingdon, Academy Award nominated cinematographer Nathan Truesdell, and award-winning producer Jamie Gonçalves.

My Non-Art About:

I also do marketing for NYC Fintech Women and Startup Grind NYC. I help strategize for operational transformation for minority-owned SMBs with A5 Partners, and currently in the organizing committee for 100 Women in Finance's Impact Investing Symposium.  I teach Muay Thai to domestic violence victims and sex workers in NYC pro-bono. I'm also a mentor for Apex for Youth.

I was previously Special Projects Analyst at boutique investment firm Gilder Gagnon Howe, consulting executives across business areas to optimize and execute on their long-term strategies. I was also Executive Director of the NY Chapter of Women of Color Advancing Peace and Security, as well as Visiting Scholar at Shandong University School of Political Science in China. 

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